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A second entry

2004-01-09 - 3:40 p.m.

Upon awaking this morning I slowly turned, to see a world that seemed real odd to me.

A place where hatred seemed to thrive, a place were only a few survived.

Those elitist seemed to think that unlike us their shit don't stink.

What i have to say to them will probably kill me in the end.

America the new, I'm patriotic how about you.

You doubt my love and loyalty, yet you've lost sight of how it should be.

Where have the true republicans gone that fought for others rights all night long?

Used to be the minorities team but now religious right rules it seems.

Spreading hatred among other things.

I thought God was love and light but I suppose that I'm not right.

I thought our principles stood in peace, "freedom for all with harm to none" should be our motto, our countries song.

But then again if we all judge, we can ignore ourselves and our responsibility the personal kind that we seem to flee.

What I do I've said I've done.

The wrongs I've spoken the harm I've done.

I look ahead and know that I can look any one in the eye.

I have accepted my faults and tried to be a better passer-by you see.

When I ask you how you feel it's not empty rhetoric that I speak I truly want to know what you think.

How you feel matters to me because you're human can't you see.

So many difference let's let go and remember that were all homo's (sapiens that is).

Difference are great and interesting but we should never forget to spend as much time on our similarities.

You're not me and I'm not you but together who knows what we can do.

The things as one that we could achieve would surprise us all I believe!

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