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Hello Again

2004-01-09 - 12:33 p.m.

Okay so I was a little bit of butt head and had diary land delete my entire diary off of the server. I can't really explain why, just my own irrational worries I suppose. I just felt like no one was really reading, and that no body really wanted to hear what I think any way so I decided to stop writing. Perhaps I also decided to stop because the only place left to go in my diary was exposing my inner self to the masses, and I figure enough of you hate me any way with out even knowing me, so why give you even more ammo to take shots at me with. I have this odd idea that I'm one of the most unlikable people out there for some reason and I hold onto this idea with the grip of death even though I have never been un liked by the many since high school. Also, I got tired of bitching about Bush and all the horrible things going on in our society today. I guess sometimes I feel like I'm screaming words of hope and unity and love upon deaf ears. It's so discouraging at times. And at other times I'm overwhelmed with a sense that everything will get better. And that we as a society, world wide, will be able to accept our difference and move on from there putting the needs of humanity and the virtues of love and peace first rather then hiding behind our masks of fear and hatred. You know the I'm better then you because if I'm not then what the hell do I do. Who knows, but nothing should be done at the expense of others regardless of sex,religion,race,sexual orientation, etc.Though I find the word orientation a little odd. It's not like I'm being showed the ropes by a group of administrators or anything, but hey a word is a word right. But anyway I have to get back to work. I'll try to update whenever I can.

Later Days!!!

Blessed Be!!!

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