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Don't you hate when that happens

2004-01-12 - 1:34 p.m.

Man this sucks, I had a great entry and then I tried to copy the first half of the entry just in case I hit something wrong. You know to keep me from losing it, which obviously failed miserably this time. But when I went to copy my dad walked in I looked up and hit paste instead of copy so my long ass 20 minute entry is lost, and it was good damn good. Oh well I guess it's gone forever. I prefer not to try to retype I think, but maybe I should. I don't know. I just now it won't be as good as the first one it never is.


So anyway.. wait that's the phone. Okay I'm back. Why does it always seem that phone wont ring all day until I'm right in the middle of something and then it rings off the hook like a wild man charging bulls in the country. And then the people on the phone are so rude.

Me: Art Link can I help you.

Them: Yes can I please speak to the owner.

Me: (who is one of the owners of the gallery. It's family owned and operated and I don't mean gay I mean my biological family.) Regarding?

Them: I can only discus that with an owner are you an owner?

Me: Can you tell me what company you are with.

Them: Yes I'm with "fill in any name here" (but one of those generic ones I think she said Concord or something similar.)

Me: and your company does what?

Them: We do a lot of services.

Me: What services?

Them: We need to speak to an owner.

Me: Is this a solicitation call?

Them: I'll call back

dial tone.......................... HHHMMMM me thinks they ought to get use to it. Don't tell me who you are and you don't get to talk to the owner. Me. :)

That's okay I had an even better one the other day. They kept trying to get me to take advertising through their service. You know when you move into an area and you receive a welcome packet from the town that has ads and coupons in it? Well it was one of those, and it went out to new home owners that have spent a certain amount or above on their houses. Any way we have tried them 3 different times and honestly they suck. Never got one response from any of them, so I tell this to the woman. But does this stop her no of course not she just keeps going. Again I say I'm really not interested. Not even a pause on her end she could care less what I'm saying. I could be telling her that I'm masturbating with a twelve inch dildo as we speak and she would have just kept going. SO finally after about 15 minutes of trying to get her nicely to shut up I had to say "Look I'm trying to be really nice here but I'm going to have hang up on you if you don't stop. I have another line hold and I'm really busy and not interested I hope your holidays went well." Finally I got a you too have a nice day. *click**dial tone* Yeah!!!!!! Victory and I didn't have to raise my voice or tell her I'm naked and wanted to know what she was wearing. That's what my friend Robin does he says it works every time, and usually they don't call back. Any way know that I'm back from left field here is attempt number 3. Any way the last two nights M and I have been in our video junkie modes. Oh shit that's my dad I gotta go back to work. So I guess I'll try to re write it another day. But let me tell you it was one of the damn best arguments for gay marriages to date oh if only I could have hit copy rather then paste.

Later Days!!!!

Blessed Be!!!!

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