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2004-08-04 - 11:21 a.m.

It so weird how things remain consistent reminders of things that have past. I just got satellite radio and I'm listing to the 90's station, it's great everyone should buy one, and that song unskinny bop bop by poison is on. Now I love this song, but unfortunately every time I hear it I'm reminded of the gang rape. I was raped by four men back in 1990, and this song will forever remind me of it I suppose. I guess it doesn't bother me anymore, though it does all at the same time. I try so hard not to let the song remind me of it. You know I want to just hear the song I really loved to seat dance to, but the negative forever overshadows it I suppose. Maybe one day I'll be able to. I guess the time just isn't right yet. I was going to write a play about the rape for self prescribed therapy, but I never got pass the first 8 pages, maybe I should start. Maybe I can reclaim my power over the situation by taking control of the story. Maybe it would help. Who knows. Any way that's the phone I better go.

Later Days!!!!

Blessed Be!!!!

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