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Anybody have the time? I'm sick of waiting!

2004-03-10 - 10:53 a.m.

Nothing sucks more then waiting. I hate it. We are waiting to see if we are pre approved for the mortgage to buy the house. We so need this. We can put a down payment on the house, pay off all our debt, and have a little over ten grand left in the bank. We'll be paying what we are paying now for the condo, and still have equity in the house and be debt free. Please God/Goddess I need to live in house. I hate condo living. One we have only 1000 square feet of space split between three rooms (and that includes the kitchen). we have two adults, four cats, a puppy, two bearded dragons, and a chameleon. We couldn't fit anything else in our condo if we tried and the seventh floor storage, the floor we live on,basically belongs to us because we have no where else to put all our crap. Now the house is 2400 square feet with three bedrooms and an air conditioned two car garage which will be M's studio. Not to mention privacy privacy and more privacy. I hate sharing space with 116 other people. Especially when they are all basically rude asses.(Though there are some nice people, but unfortunately that is the minority) People slam doors in our faces, completely ignore us if we say hi. It's like fuck you we all live here can't we do it in peace. I need my own space. I can't deal with all the crap that comes with living in a condo. And I'm sure it doesn't help that I've never lived like this before. I have always had my own home since I moved out at 18. I may have had roommates, but they were and are my best friends. More like family actually. And actually while I sit here typing I am also waiting for the phone call that Alex Zane Fenster has been born. They had to induce labor yesterday at 4 p.m. because K was a week late, but I'm getting impatient I want my phone to ring and K's mom to say Hey H and M your auntiees!!!!! Nothing sounds better to me then living vicariously through K and her son. Since M and I probably aren't having kids we figure we'll just live through K's. You know buy him lots of stuff, take him on trips, help form his moral standards- Peace and love for all and constant striving for unity. K's already told M and I that as far as she is concerned we are the only two she trust whole heartedly with her child. She can't wait for us to move back to NY she said that her son needs us in his life because we are loving good people that he needs to know and be around because he will be a better man for it. I can't wait either honestly, for more then one reason. As soon as we can we will be New York bound. Any way I better go and wait. Man I hate waiting. Oh yea and if Bush gets reelected I think I'm moving to Canada!!!! I voted Kucinich because I like him best, but may Kerry Kick ass and not take notes. ABBA!!!!!!!!!

Later Days!!!!

Blessed Be!!!!

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